“Economic Security” Expert Meeting Discussing the Direction for Developing Advance Technology

The government held a meeting of experts in economic security to discuss the direction for fostering important advanced technologies such as AI (Artificial intelligence and quantum).

The government has decided to carry out a project in which the public and private sectors work together to develop advanced technologies that are important for economic security.

On 21st June, the meeting of experts to discuss the direction for developing important advanced technologies.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister of Economic Security of Japan, Kobayashi said, “Science and technology also innovation power support the economy and security, but Japan has sense of crisis that its power is relatively declining.”

The attendees commented that it is necessary to narrow down what is important technology in order to support the country, pointed out that it is more effective to proceed with public-private projects while involving start-up companies in growth fields, and technology only in Japan. There was an opinion that it is more important to collaborate with leading overseas companies that to proceed with development.

The government wants to start open recruitment by the end of the year for public-private partnership projects.