BIZBRIDGE is an online platform that provides you all the information which will help your business in Indonesia.

In this series you will be expected to deliver output on:
-To understand the basic and general understanding of a startup
-To provide a general insight of developing a startup, what can we do as the foundational base of a startup, whether you’re a staff, manager, or decision-maker (C level, etc)
-To understand the challenges on management that may arise in the early stage of a startup and how to deal with them
-To improve your startup and managerial skills

This class is suggested for:
-Business owners
-Startup employees (especially managerial level)
-Junior level (entry-level)
-Startup CEO
-General officer

TERMS AND CONDITIONS -Please register immediately via the link listed on the voucher (after making payment) -Registration must be done before the event starts -The webinar will start at 18.50 -Classes will be conducted in Indonesian -The webinar will be implemented via the Zoom application (it is expected to download the zoom application before the webinar starts) -Contact if you have problems


Challenges In Developing Early-year Start-up

Organizer: Glints
Location: Indonesia | Online
Venue: Online Streaming
Topic: Challenges In Developing Early-year Start-up
Speakers: Andrew BD (Co Founder Excellentia Consulting).
Schedule: Jul 03, 2020 (19:00 - 20:30)
Registration Closed: Jul 03, 2020
Participation Fee: IDR 100.000
Certificate: Yes
Capacity: 0
Language: Indonesia