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During WFH, one tool to monitor employee performance is with KPIs. The problem at this time of crisis is that the KPI Balanced Scorecard is no longer effective in answering the challenges of change so quickly. Then what's the solution? Now, use OKR KPIs that are more responsive to change. Invite your team because one person can't make a change ...

1. KPI levels start from Level 1 to level 6.
2. Tips and tricks for preparing KPIs in times of crisis.
3. Prevent the failure of KPI implementation.
4. KPI weighting starts from the staff level to the Directors level.
5. KPI Input Process Output.
6. Efficient KPI requirements.
7. KPIs in each department eg Finance Accounting Marketing Operational HRD etc.
8. Integration of KPIs into OKR.
9. Provided KPI software (FREE)

This briefing is very suitable for:
Managerial level who wants to improve his competence
Staff level who want to have managerial skills
-The Owners and Directors who want to continue to upgrade their performance
-All learners who always want to progress


Praktek Pembuatan Kpi Berbasis Okr. Senin Pertama Setiap Bulan. By Business Buddy

Organizer: Business Budy Inc
Location: Indonesia | Online
Venue: Online Streaming
Topic: Praktek pembuatan KPI berbasis OKR. Senin pertama setiap bulan
Speakers: -
Schedule: Jun 16, 2020 - December 31, 2020 (09:00 - 16:00)
Registration Closed: Dec 31, 2020
Participation Fee: IDR 490.000
Certificate: Yes
Capacity: 0
Language: Indonesia