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Interactive Live Distance learning (ILDL) is a Professional learning method in Corporations today using online class technology that involves two-way interactions between presenters and participants, interspersed with interesting icebreaking, and involves moderators as a medium between presenters and participants. In contrast to online training that is commonly found today. The program is designed according to needs (customized) and in line with company objectives and programs. ILDL also has a post-learning program and is equipped with creative features such as online quizzes, online assessments and of course e-certificates from trusted institutions.

The high risk of accidents that occur in several companies makes many companies suffer losses both in terms of cost, time and labor efficiency. Prevention or a minimum reduction in workplace accidents can be achieved one of them by finding the cause and knowing the factors that are

affect workplace accidents. For this reason, an investigation of accidents is absolutely necessary to minimize and even make the final report result become a zero accident. So one of the objectives of accident investigation and reporting is to identify the cause of the accident, document it and

while suggesting corrective actions so that the incident does not recur.

Accident Investigation training is conducted for participants and prospective assessors who already have qualifications. Qualifications can be obtained from education, training or work experience.

-Identify hazards and assess OHS risks
- Analyzing and evaluating OHS risk
- Participate in accident investigations
- Develop OHS information and data analysis, and reporting and documentation processes

-Trash theory
-Classification of accidents
-Analysis of accident statistics
-Accident investigation: initial response and preparation
-Accident investigation: data collection
-Accident investigation: effective interview
-Accident investigation: incident analysis
-Accident investigation: recommendations

Accident Investigation certification in the form of an assessment or competency test is held with the following competency units:
-KKK. Identify hazards and assess OHS risks
-KKK. Analyzing and evaluating OHS risk
-KKK. Participation in accident investigations
-KKK. Develop analysis of K3 information and data, and the reporting and documentation process


Interactive Live Distance Learning Accident Investigation

Organizer: Synergy Solusi Indonesia
Location: Indonesia | Online
Venue: Online Streaming
Topic: Interactive Live Distance Learning Accident Investigation
Speakers: -
Schedule: Jul 01, 2020 - July 03, 2020 (10:00 - 11:30)
Registration Closed: Jul 01, 2020
Participation Fee: IDR 6.500.000
Certificate: Yes
Capacity: 0
Language: Indonesia, English